Artist’s Nook


So it’s like this…

This is a Communication blog that I will use for my Communication Styles and Trends class. This site will be a collection of comm stuff, social media, and other topics which we discuss in class.


Since I’m also an artist :P, I will occasionally post some of my drawings here and make this site my creative outlet.

I believe that sharing my artworks is also part of my “communication” with others.

Nah, I just want to have some people comment on them. haha

I plan to tweak the theme and make my own header soon. I hope I have the luxury of time to do this within this month.


β™₯ Diane


5 thoughts on “Artist’s Nook

  1. Loved that bit there on your profile description, the one below the picture, 2nd paragraph to the last. >D Also, going to look out for your drawings!

  2. combining new social media and your doodles sounds interesting–it is relevance that speaks so much about who you are too. so yes, i’m looking forward to your ‘doodles’ on new social media πŸ˜‰

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