Longing for Lolo and Lola?

When we were younger, the internet wasn’t as great as it is now. There were only a limited things that you can do with it. I guess its only function for most people was the email, and that was a paid service just like the broadband connections we use today. Also, dial-up connection was expensive even though it was at snail pace.

I remember how I used to miss my grandparents who were living abroad. Being a and thoughtful little granddaughter that time, I often bothered my parents to send my drawings and letters to my lolo Nestor and lola Deling. The best package I sent them was a big Philippine flag that I drew and colored myself to always remind them of their loved ones in the Philippines. Communicating with them was so hard and expensive. We seldom call them and get phone calls from them since IDD call rates are rocket high. So, as most people do, we resorted to using post mail.

Now, things are different. Communicating with your loved ones has become cheaper and more accessible thanks to the internet. There  are a lot of services we can avail and you only need to pay for your internet connection. Today, there are chat services like  Yahoo Messenger, social networking sites like Facebook, and video conferencing services like Skype.

Sometimes, I wish these advances in technology had happened earlier. Maybe we were able to talked about so many things if we had Skype before. Maybe we were able to share so many pictures and updates about our lives if we had social networking sites available. And maybe we had even bridged the gap of loneliness and longing for one another. This reminds me of Bayan DSL’s famous promoter, Lola Techie. Lola Techie, as we all know is this cool lola who loves to go online. She does this mainly because she wants to talk and interact with her loved ones who were far from her.

I really liked the message that Bayan DSL is telling us in the lola Techie ads. It tells us two things. First, we need to reach out to our family, especially our seniors: our parents and our grandparents. Oftentimes, we get too busy doing other stuff that we forget to spend time with them. They miss us and they want to spend time with us. We should allot some of our time to bond with them.

Second, it’s never too late to learn something new. Who says our grandparents can’t go online? Lola Techie defied that and became a cool online lola. If someone is really determined to learn something, they will make an effort to learn it regardless of their age, thus lola Techie learned to use the internet.

After writing this post, I’ve really reached the peak of missing my grandparents. I guess I’ll spend time with my lola Lily and lolo Manding next weekend. And also, I’ll write an email to my relatives abroad so they could send me money to visit lola Deling in Romblon during the semestral break. I can’t wait to see them. 🙂


One thought on “Longing for Lolo and Lola?

  1. hello diane!

    I remember this topic on one of our classes again. Oh, how we love the internet for bridging the gap between family and friends!

    Yes, who ever said that the internet is for the younger people only? Lola techie proved us wrong with that. Now I remember my blog entry about my Lolo Pari and his samsung touch phone. I know how it brought him so much joy, considering the fact that he was suffering so much at that time. Thank God for making technology change our lives- in a positive way. 🙂

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