If you read my last post, I talked about the importance of image and more importantly,  reputation. I also talked about how important it is to protect our online reputation by being careful and thinking twice before we post something on the internet.

On this post, I’ll write some sort of a case study and payback post. First things first, let me to introduce you to GABRIELLA LINARDI WIDJAJA a.ka. frauleinlinardi of Twitter.

So what’s her story?

At least a month ago, GABRIELLA LINARDI WIDJAJA became a Tumblr sensation. This Indonesian girl became famous on the internet for being a racist. The screencap that you can see above is a screencap of her twitter account. This  image circulated on social networking sites, especially tumblr and she was hated by a lot of people for it. As you can see, she mainly hates Filipinos and Singaporeans and insulted them a lot on her tweets. Many people became furious and started getting revenge by flooding her tagboard with hate messages not only from Filipinos and Singaporeans, but also from other Asians. (Let us all remember that we should be careful of whatever we post on the internet.) Sad to say, after all those messages, SHE DIDN’T STOP. After a while, she published a very ethnocentric and conceited blog post.

Being fresh from my debate class this semester, I can’t just ignore this. This person has no right to criticize Filipinos because she is not even credible. How could she say those things when she hasn’t even set foot on the Philippines? And of course, she tried to support her arguments by citing some old book? Hello! That book is already out-dated!

Here are some points I’d like to clarify:

  • Filipinos are NOT trying to be called Korean and Japanese. Filipinos just like to watch good dramas. If there is anything to be copied, it’s just fashion or maybe Filipino adaptations of those dramas. And that’s the same for other countries too. Also, have you ever heard of Cosplay? Of course not. If not, then let me explain. It’s role playing a character from a certain show. And guess what? It’s done all over world and not just the Philippines.
  • Another point, maybe if you researched a little, you would find out that FILIPINOS DON’T FAVOR DARWIN’S THEORY OF EVOLUTION. Why? Most Filipinos are Christians and therefore favor THE CREATION from the Bible.
  • About the prostitution thing, it’s absolutely false. The Philippine government does NOT SEND women to other countries to become prostitutes and it is doing its best to stop human trafficking. Also regarding the Overseas Filipino Workers working as maids, it was their choice to leave the country. And the Philippines is not the only country exporting labor. Indonesia, as well as other countries also provide domestic helpers to other countries.

I’d like to say one last point before I end this post. Sorry to burst your bubble but employers care about what’s written about you when they Google your name on the internet.  I’d like them to find out that you, GABRIELLA LINARDI WIDJAJA, are a tactless, conceited and ethnocentric racist who writes  something without thinking or researching thoroughly. And I really hope they find this post.

P.S. I was kind enough to bash just the content if you know what I mean. (evil grin)


8 thoughts on “Payback

  1. haha. You indeed respond to that online content, Diane, didn’t you? I guess that’s just what we do with contents that interest, or disturb us, for this matter. I just thought of another two-sided thing about the Internet. It can help you meet a lot of online friends but it also goes the other way, which is you could also meet online enemies. You can’t explain yourself as explicitly online, I believe, as opposed to explaining face-to-face your opinions or other what-have-you’s. therefore, we should really be careful of what we say to the cyberspace. ‘Cause once the damage has been done you can’t just erase things online.

  2. I remember our lessons in Ethnocentricity back in 2nd year under Dr. Sarile. Indeed, there are just some people who think that they’re better than the others. They maybe really incapable of comprehending that everyone is equal, and that no race or people is superior to the rest. Instead of hating her and responding to her negatively and flooding her with hate mails, maybe what we, Filipinos, can do is to prove to her and the rest of the world how amazing we truly are. We are capable of many wonderful things. One of which is that we understand how Intercultural Communication operates. Then they will see that the Filipinos are not just another race of people, but that they are truly amazing in a lot f things. 🙂

  3. I read her blog and was shocked that someone overseas would dare write such a thing.

    Don’t hate me on this but I would have to agree that we are confused culture. What I mean is, we look and talk like the others, ending up with hardly anything unique of our own. She was pretty annoying, I have to say but she does have a point don’t you think? The Filipino youth are lost in identity. Maybe at most, there are the jejemons who are (apparently) uniquely Filipino. There is nothing wrong with criticism, as long as you do not take it personally.

    She has made herself pretty clear on the matter that she doesn’t hate everyone but what everyone’s doing.

    (That was certainly an interesting blog Diane!)

  4. This is probably one of my favorite blogs. I think I need to get myself checked for my blood pressure after reading this one. I, up to now, fool myself with the notion that people are naturally good.

    I don’t know, but she’s such an ethnocentric and immature person to be wasting her time bashing the culture of other people.

    And she even used James Fallows as a shield to cover her ethnocentrism. i have read James Fallows’ article ” A damaged Culture” and honestly, though Fallows stressed our culture as the problem, the issue there is the economic growth. He presented more acceptable points and I would never ever even recognize this girl’s points as POINTS. Maybe it’s just ranting on her insecurities.

  5. I can’t help but to comment on this. Had I known this the time this blogger rose to fame, I should have been still bashing at her now. No matter how much she takes IT that Filipinos are worth hating, she must first take into account how on Earth Indonesians should be worth loving for. Indonesian is not a perfect ‘race’ and so is any other ‘race in the world’. Her ‘race’ has flaws too; she’s the one who is not putting things in perspective. Her first argument on us being a trying hard people to be Korean/Japanese/ White? Oh really. Indonesian kpop fans are immensely double in amount than Filipino kpop fans. And those fans for sure have a-wannabe-Korean-syndrome, too, in their veins.

    Arrgh, people like her makes me cry over why Internet has ever been invented. Sometimes, Internet proliferates stupidity over knowledge among some people. Too bad she’s one of those.

  6. I never knew about this! And I must comment!
    Good God. Okay, I will try to be a logical, civilized person and keep all these vitriol bottles I have, ready to be lobbed at that…person.
    Anyways, I have a sneaking suspicion that this sadly misinformed woman is merely – pardon the uncouth word, but I call them as I see them – an attention whore. It’s more than obvious than posting a comment like that online would cause a lot of hate. After all, nothing garners as much reaction and attention as a scathing and misinformed comment. I reckon she must be secretly enjoying the attention…unless, of course, she is one of those people who act before they think. If the latter’s the case, then…well, I hope that she opens her eyes before her words come back to bite her in the…eyes. XD

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