The Break-Up

We don’t talk anymore. You’re saying that you love me, but you’re not behaving like you love me. We don’t even hang-out in the same place anymore.You’re not even listening are you?

I’ve changed and you haven’t.

Friends, I’m not talking about romantic love crushed into pieces. This is a different kind of break-up. This is the break-up of a customer and a brand. Yes, this seem like a weird analogy but if you think about it, it makes sense. When a loyal customer leaves a brand and decides not to but it anymore, then it’s like breaking-up, right?

So what causes these break-ups?

  1. Consumers are treated as “passive consumers”. Passive consumers are those consumers who are just receptive to the brand. Most organizations think that consumers don’t say anything about products and accepts the product as it I s. But in reality, this is not what’s happening. Consumers have a lot of feedback about products from their personal experiences. The good thing about these consumers is that they are easy to find on the internet.
  2. Organizations fail to connect to their consumers. Again, this stresses on making an effort to reach the consumers. Like I said, consumers are easy to find on the internet. There are different forums where you could find discussions about different products. Organizations just have to exert a little more effort to find those feedbacks.
  3. Organizations don’t catch up to the changing needs. After knowing the problems from the consumers, what should be done? The organization should do something to address the problems.  Organizations should address their problems because it will show that they care for the customers and they value their feedback.

3 thoughts on “The Break-Up

  1. hey! i got curious about what you wrote on this blog since i had also written a blog about the topic on the customer-brand relationship. well, this is what’s been happening in the industry: failure to connect, not catching up with the changing needs. but i believe there are organizations who take the measure to make it up with the customers, this time using NSM tools and other interactive means to really get to listen to their target audience, know them more, see their needs, and meet those needs. these things I’ve blogged about (check my letter to dan and reply from dan posts ;))

  2. So true. Some break ups are caused by the changes within the parties involved. When one changes and the other does not, there’s chaos in the relationship. So I agree with you that what they should do is to focus on not just the spark that they have had from the first few encounters. Brands should go beyond the magic of their products and try to invest twice as much on their services- because consumers are changing more often than we know. 😉

  3. i remember this in our comm trends and styles class. I agree with you, consumers nowadays have changed, and are continuously changing. Although difficult, the organizations must always track and keep up with their consumer’s demands. Consumers are not passive anymore, they want to be involved in the process of creating services and be heard on their opinions about the quality of products and the like. What organizations should do is not to employ a feedback mechanism that only exists in able to explicitly show that they care about the consumers, rather, they should take the extra mile and reach out in a more “personal” way in able to maintain or build relationships with the consumers.

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