The Changes in Peoples’ Media Habits


Social media made conversation easy to understand and more personal. It has made people feel more comfortable in communicating their messages. Because of social media, it was possible to talk to intimidating people. There is also immediate response.


Social media gave us many choices to make ourselves heard. It also allowed us to select the media we want to use to make us heard. We can post pictures, write blogs, or even make videos to send our message across.


Social media allows us to protect what we do online. Thus, we have different filters to limit people’s access to the content we post. Social media also allows us to explain the things we post through tagging, linking, rating, and commenting.


People love to create content. Social media gave us the opportunity to co-create information on the internet and contribute to the media available online. Some examples of these are blogs and wikis.


Social media has become an avenue for people to collaborate and create ideas that people never thought of. This shows the people’s love to participate and contribute. An example is translation sites.

Change is the only thing constant in our world. And media is no exception to that. Social media has been changing the media habits of people these past few years. Because of social media, it was possible for media to become more human and tell organizations what we really like.


3 thoughts on “The Changes in Peoples’ Media Habits

  1. Computer or mediated communication makes most of us feel less intimidated when talking to other people. At times, apprehension takes on us if we see the person face-to-face. The things we usually don’t say to their face, we can easily say it using these mediums.

    In terms of communicating with other people, internet has also enabled and empowered us to reach the formerly unreachable. Now, it easier to talk to celebrities and even ask them thing you are shy to tell them personally.

    Students looking for celebrity interviewees for their requirements now find it easy to contact one without the need to have personal connections to get your (ass) through them.:))

    In the cyber world, we are all in equal levels, it is a fair world making us at the same footing, but it’s up to us how to make our own ways through it.

  2. When we speak media habit, we can talk uses and gratifications.

    One thing that has never changed since old media is the people’s tendency to choose media that are relevant to their lives over those that are irrelevant.

    What we can and have always done as communication specialists is to “play along” these habits in order to attract consumers.

  3. We do have different reasons why we use social media πŸ™‚

    I actually still have to think what makes me go online most of the time. I have a lot of different reasons, but at the end of the day, what matters is that we are able to accomplish what we want to do and get what we want to achieve right? Social media makes old impossible things much possible right now, anyone has access to it, the control is almost “given” to us. We could either use the internet to create a community or collaborate on the other hand. πŸ™‚ And the best part is, we can actually have control over the privacy settings of most of it. πŸ™‚

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