Why People Contribute Content

There are many reasons why people contribute content on the internet. Harvard Business Review identified six main reasons.

I’m Contributing?

In some cases, people don’t even know that they are contributing to the content. For example, rating  or commenting on a product. Some people just wanted to be honest by commenting about the product. Also, rating products has already been a habit of a person. In these cases, people are not aware that they are contributing to the content.

Practical Solutions

Sometimes, even just asking the simplest questions contribute to the content on the internet. Websites such as Yahoo Answers provide us with immediate gratification of finding out the answers to the things we want to be answered.

Social Rewards

Some people contribute because of the benefits of connecting with other people. When you contribute content, you can connect with people concerned with it, people from your past, present, and your community.


Some people contribute to build their online reputation. They want to become credible persons or experts in a particular subject matter. Some even have their own websites in  order to share the knowledge that they have.


This maybe the most frequent reason of all. People want to express their feelings and want to be heard. They share bits of their personal lives online by posting on social networking sites and blogs.


Of course, some people just contribute out of goodwill and kindness. They want to do good for other people so they share information on the internet. Examples are free online encyclopaedias that students use for their research.

Whatever the reason is, it’s good that there are people who help us by contributing information on the internet. What’s important is that there are sources available for us to use.


5 thoughts on “Why People Contribute Content

  1. Yes, those are indeed reasons why we have things to look at or read in the internet. Good thing there are people who contribute. But, just a thought, maybe it’s also important to look at the reason of a person of creating that online content and contributing to a myriad of what’s already there. Messages or contents that are created for reputation, I believe, would not be as authentic and candid as those that are contributed for self-expression. From there, we could then evaluate the credibility of the message. 🙂

  2. Although self-expression may have been the primary reason why people contribute to the World Wide Web database right now, I see an emerging one from the group- that is, Practical Solutions.

    We see this mainly in forums which are consistently becoming an online demand. With people getting more comfortable with how collaboration works online, they are finding out how easy and how convenient it is for them so seek help or assistance from active forums.

    The difference that it has from our regular social networking site/s is that it is focused- something that you initially consider when doing a search.

  3. I have a blog entry on why I contribute online as well. But i think I forgot to mention that we are doing this (comm blogging) also to build our reputation online. Like what we heard in class, at present, potential employers google their applicants’ names. as early as now, it would be better if we are able to build our reputation online right? But we should also be careful of what we post, because some might just backfire in the future.

  4. Hi diane!

    People contribute content because of the reasons you presented in this post. They also contribute because almost everyone is and is welcome to. Also, some just don’t have something to do.

    I believe that as we contribute, we should consider if what we’ll share is something of quality. That’s the problem with most of the online contributors. They just contribute for the sake of contributing. I think that’s my problem as well. Sometimes, I do things for the sake of just finishing those. Before contributing online, I believe people should think first if what they’ll be posting is something worth- watching/reading or listening to. There’s enough trash in the web already

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