Of Toxic Days and Harry Potter

Whew.. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating again. I was a little occupied with all that’s been happening in my life. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last 10 days.

First, I was kind of busy with job interviews and exams. Just last week I was called by a prestigious advertising agency and told me I had an exam on Wednesday. When I arrived, there were so many applicants. I got nervous because this was one of my dream companies. The exam was hard and challenging but it was fun. We were asked to make our own ads to test how creative we are. I hope they liked what I did enough to get a call-back.

Second, I haven’t been completely wasting my time, y’know. I try my best to earn cash from simple editing jobs. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m using my God-given talents for a purpose: lay-outing some books. Well, not really a literary book. More of a manual, actually. It was stressful but I’m happy that finished it. It’s so fulfilling! hahaha.

UP Manila Chorale Pamamalik 2011 Concert

UP Manila Chorale Pamamalik 2011 Concert Credits: Paul Faller

Third, we (the UP Manila Chorale) had our homecoming concert, Pamamalik 2011, at the Philam Life Auditorium. This really takes the cake. I wanted to know all the songs so that I could contribute well to the group so I practiced hard. We had new songs in the repertoire that we needed to master. There was this French song, I won’t tell which one, that was totally a tongue twister. haha. Our batch also had a lot to do because of the other tasks that were delegated to us.  Even though it was hard work, I  really, really enjoyed the concert.There were a lot of people who came to watch it. I feel really happy to be a part of this group.

Diane and Jeca

Diane and Jeca

Lastly, yeah, I finally watched Harry Potter with my college best friend, Jeca! Whoot! And yes, I was in total fan-girl mode and I dressed up as a Gryffindor. It was weird to go there wearing a costume ’cause people were staring at me, a brave girl borrowed my scarf and asked me to take a picture, and one guy even winked at me. haha.

Death of Severus Snape

Death of Severus Snape

Death of Lavender Brown

Death of Lavender Brown

Gosh, I got really emotional and cried A LOT, especially when Severus Snape died. Also, I’m glad that this mystery about “what really happened to Lavender Brown” was finally cleared. She died ’cause of Fenrir Greyback. Sorry, I’m on spoiler mode. haha.

Diane at IMAX entrance.

Diane at IMAX entrance.

Right now, I’m experiencing Post-Potter Depression. I can’t believe that Harry Potter is finally ending. It had such a great impact on my life and I know I should stop talking about this because I plan to post a separate entry just about my Harry Potter years but I can’t help it. haha

Diane at the IMAX Theatre lounge.

Diane at the IMAX Theatre lounge.

Let me just end by quoting a song that summarizes all my feelings about Harry Potter. It’s called Days of Summer by Darren Criss. It’s from A Very Potter Sequel, a play by Starkid Productions.

I don’t wanna see you go but it’s not forever, not forever. Even it was, you know that I would never let it get me down. You’re the part of me that makes me better where ever I go. So I will try not to cry. No one needs to say good-bye.


14 thoughts on “Of Toxic Days and Harry Potter

      • J.K. Rowling has actually apparently stated that Lavender survived, but got badly scarred by the attack. At least, that’s what it says on Lavender’s page of the Harry Potter Wikia. I have no idea how reliable that site is though. 0_o

      • Yes, it wasn’t mentioned that she died. After I read the book, I searched the net to find out what really happened to her. Apparently, I found a forum about it. haha. Her fate wasn’t really revealed in the book. It says that she was attacked by Greyback and was saved by Hermione but it didn’t say if she was strong enough to survive that attack. I was so shocked when I saw her die in the movie. @_@

  1. Wow Diane! Warner Bros and Harry Potter should give you freebies for being their NUMBER ONE fan! 🙂 Good job!

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