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Rules of Water Basketball

Before my cousins Raphy, Gina, and Tiza went back to the States, our family had an outing so that we could have one last ultimate bonding experience with them. We went to Ronco Beach Resort, a resort owned by Mr. Willie del Rosario, my cousin Martha’s in-law. It’s a beautiful place and we really enjoyed our stay there.

We did a lot of cool things like videoke, boating, fishing, swimming, and of course, my personal favorite, eating. But the best part of our family bonding aside from the food was a game we played on the pool. We call it water basketball.

I know that it’s not really new and we’re probably not the first family that ever played it but as much as we know the rules of basketball, it’s not the same. So, for the purpose of having a better game on our next outing, I am writing this post, the rules of water basketball.

1. Secure your ring. We used a float as a ring for this game. The problem is, it can be moved. We originally thought that having a moving ring would be more challenging but the players keep on stealing the ring so that no one scores. My advice, get another person to hold the ring. That person also serves as a referee. We asked my sister, Trisha, to do this when we finally realize that everyone was cheating. haha

2. Make sure everyone can reach the floor of the pool. During the first part of the game, we wanted it to be really challenging, so we placed the ring on the deep side of the pool. It wasn’t fun because a lot of us, yes, including me, couldn’t play at all and had to hold on to the sides. To be fair, we moved the ring at the middle so that some parts will be shallow and some parts will not be too deep so that short people (me) and the kids could also play.

3. Three on three is the best. Why? Because six people is already a crowd. It’ll be pretty chaotic if there are more than six people chasing after a beach ball.

4. If you’re playing with kids, consider their size and ability. One person is equivalent to two kids. You may disregard the 3-on-3 rule here. They won’t win against you anyway. haha. Just kidding! πŸ™‚

5. No extra props! Look at the picture above. You will see my brother, Mark, the one with the yellow goggles and red shirt, wearing flippers on his hands. This was an attempt to get the ball fast. Unfortunately, he accidantally hit me on the face. So, NO. Extra props, aside from goggles, are NOT allowed.

6. There is no 3-second limit on the ball. It’s hard enough to play to even put that rule in.

7. Outside rule applies on the event that the beach ball is thrown outside the pool.

8. Yes, you are allowed to go near and block the ring. Unlike normal basketball, the ring in water basketball is low. So we are allowed to block shots, steal the ball, and try to shoot as many as we want until the ball gets in.

9. Once a team shoots, the other team gets the ball. No need to explain this. haha

10. Enjoy, have fun, and don’t make kids cry. Indulge them when they want to shoot (every once in a while) because if you don’t let them shoot, you’re dead and you’ll get a long sermon from your parents. haha πŸ˜€

Hope you understood my rules. Try water basketball and tell me if I should add more items to this list. haha. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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