Dropped Everything and Had Fun in Pampanga

Just before the summer ended, I was having a hard time with my life. Everything was just so chaotic and I have this life-changing event that I had to face in a couple of weeks. It was already taking a toll on me and I really needed to take a break.

It was a good thing that around that time, some friends from college invited me to have dinner. That’s when they told me they were meeting up with one of of our friends from Pampanga for the weekend to have some fun and catch-up. I was immediately up for it since this was the opportunity I was waiting for.

Boy, was I surprised when I found out we were going wakeboarding a few nights before the trip! I’m really not the kind of girl who’s into extreme sports, or any sport for that matter. The only extreme things I’ve done was river-rafting and zip line in Cagayan de Oro, and I was also with these people. Okay, I know those activities were more extreme than wakeboarding and I’ve done them already so that doesn’t make sense, but I’m really not into sports. Plus, I don’t really know how much it costs and if I could afford it.

The day of the trip arrived and I was rechecking what I packed the day before. I was torn between packing a change of clothes, if ever I decide to go wakeboarding, or not to, and just watch and take pictures. In the end, my peer-pressured self won, that evil brat, and I just threw in some clothes just in case.

I met up with Ejae, Betti, and Lea at Pedro Gil, near our old university, UP Manila. As usual, Ejae didn’t wake up on time and we were a little late (Yes, I had to write this down, Ejae, because you keep doing this. haha). After that, we took the LRT to Doroteo Jose station and rode a bus to San Fernando Pampanga.

Betti, Lea, Jill, Ejae, and me at Everybody’s Cafe, San Fernando Pampanga.

The bus stopped at SM San Fernando and we all alighted to finally meet Jill. We haven’t seen each other in a while so after all the hugging we did and stares we got from people passing around, Jill led us to her car and drove us to our first stop, Everybody’s Cafe.

Once we entered the restaurant, everyone was so excited to order Kapampangan specialties. We ordered a Kamaro (Cricket) dish, Pritong Palaka (Fried Frogs), Afritadang Kambing (Goat), and something normal, which was Lechon Kawali.

From the left: Pritong Palaka and Afritadang Kambing (at the back), Kamaro, and Lechon Kawali

Everyone tried all the dishes, except me, being the scaredy cat that I am. So I just ate Nilagang Kambing, which tastes like beef, by the way, and of course, Lechon Kawali (hahaha).

If you’re wondering what the frogs taste like, my friends told me it was like fried chicken. As for the crickets, I don’t really remember what they said about it, but what I do remember is that they finished the dish. They had the intention of buying some more but it that was the last plate the restaurant had. After our Kapampangan lunch, we stopped by Jill’s place to pick-up her things and headed straight to Angeles City’s wakeboarding park, Deca Clark.

Jill, me, Lea, and Betti at Deca Clark Wakeboard Park

Photo opp at the office while waiting for each of us to finish signing-up.

We arrived around 3:00pm but the park closes at 5:00pm so we only had 2 hours left. It turns out, the prices are pretty affordable. We paid PHP 600.00 for the 2 hours. If you avail packages with longer hours, rate per hour gets lower. And if you visit on a weekday, rates are cheaper.

Lining-up and waiting for our turn!

Ejae getting ready to wakeboard… and the handle just hit him on the face. (haha)

We had a good time trying out this sport, even we just fell off the board and lined-up again most of the time. Jill almost reached the end of the training course, and Betti can already turn the board around. I was in last place because I barely reached 1/4 of the pool (huhuhu). But even though that was the case, I still had fun.

Here’s our post-wakeboaring photos.

Rosario Church, Angeles, Pampanga

Finally, we ended our day by stopping by Rosario church to pray and thank the Lord for an awesome weekend with friends. 🙂


Credits to Bettina Arriola for the title of this post.


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