Korea 2017 Day 1: The Craziest Immigration Experience and Dinner at Namsan Tower

My sister and I started out trip to Korea quite chaotic. This is not Korea’s fault, of course, it’s the Philippine immigration. 

When I was young, my parents told me that I must be at the airport 2 hours before for an international flight and an hour before for local ones. All my life, I religiously followed this and it never failed me, until now.

We arrived at NAIA around 5am for our 7:10am flight. In my mind, I was thinking, “Oh, we’re early, have time to grab breakfast later, after immigration,” but nooooo. After checking in our baggage, We spent more than 1 hr and 30 min in the immigration lines. It was ridiculous! 

At 7:00am, my sister and I were begging people to let us through as our flight leaves in 10 minutes! We got through at 7:05am and ran to Gate 106, which was BTW, at the edge of the airport. 

Happy that we were able to make it to our flight.

We heard the last call for passengers of our flight and were finally able to board the plane. That was cutting it too close. Next time we’ll be at the airport 4 hours before. 

Me at Incheon International Airport

Started the day right with my favourite Korean drink!

We finally arrived at Incheon International Airport. First thing we do is of course, grab lunch. We went to the CU convenience store to buy food and refill our T-Money. 
We rode the AREX (Airport Express) train to Seoul Station and found our way to our home in Seoul. 

At the AREX

Found Captain Joong Ki at Seoul Station

Jo Jung Suk 💚 at Samgakji Station

After resting a bit, my sister and I went to Namsan Tower with our relatives. We took a couple of pictures and roamed around the area. I was surprised to find a lot of new attractions in the vicinity, like Hello Kitty Island and LG 3D zone. There’s also a new area for kids with lots of cute animal cartoon figures.

Mandatory Namsan photo

Had to have a photo taken here because this was seen on Running Man!

Capped the night by having dinner at Chicken and Beer, one of the restaurants at Namsan Tower. The food was super good, and it’s affordable too! Make sure to try this when you go to Seoul.

Whoa! So affordable! One bowl only ranges from 13,000-15,000 KRW!

Thank you, family, for the awesome fried chicken!

Chicken and Beer at Namsan Tower

Last group photo of the night. We’re at the Love Bridge!

Passed by Seoul Station on the way home.



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