This is a cartoon version of myself. I made it for fun.
This is my blog’s first banner. I wanted the UP Manila feel to it. I figured that I’d use my cartoon to make it more personalized.
This is one of my favorite doodles. It’s a drawing of the YFC Communications (YCOM) video team for the Metro Manila Conference.
These are icons or avatars for YCOM girls. I was inspired by the Perfect White Shirt brand when I did this. I made this during my first attempts to use Photoshop’s Pen Tool. I didn’t know much so the resolution was awful. Maybe I’ll remake it one day, when I’d like to print it on a shirt.
This is a Jesus picture made with typography. My first try on typography. I’m experimenting now-a-days.
This is a remake of the YFC Central B logo. I made it because we needed a high res file for the tarp.
This is a YFC Central B conference logo. Made for a conference last September 2009.
This is a promo poster for YFC UP Manila for 2010. My first try on the water color effect.
These are event posters for YFC UP Manila’s Love Forum 2010.
This is a European Tour teaser for UP Manila Chorale. Made this for fun and posted it online.
This is the first concert poster that I made for UP Manila Chorale. I was used to the 2010 Christmas concert entitled “Nadal”. Made it from scratch. My favorite work so far because of the glow and the colors.
This is the poster i made for the 2011 Send-Off concert of UP Manila Chorale.
This is the poster I made for the UP Manila Chorale European Tour 2011 Homecoming Concert. The original is darker. 
This is a poster that I made for UP One Earth. It’s for their UP-Ayala Recyclables Fair.
My first Harry Potter Fan Art. Yes, it’s Dramione, of course! I just love Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.
My very own Harry Potter movie poster. hahaha
This is a picture that I edited for the Darren Criss birthday project.
Another picture for the Darren Criss birthday Project.
This is a simple banner that I made for fyajholmes (http://fyajholmes.tumblr.com).

Thanks for viewing! These are just a few of my works. Don’t forget to leave a comment! 🙂


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